Before I became a Bates Method Teacher, I worked for as a graphic designer with a BA in Communication Design. Which is a field where good vision and perfect color perception are a necessity.  Natural vision improvement became an interest of mine early on, because I wore glasses as a child — starting as a toddler up until the age of 15 — for far-sightedness and convergent squint (esophoria).

Claudia as a baby with a visible convergent squint in her right eye.
Claudia as a baby with a visible convergent squint in her right eye.

But like most kids with glasses, I felt socially awkward and hated not being able to see perfectly. Not only did the blur increase after wearing them, but I was also mercilessly teased in school. And it was dangerous to wear them while playing sports. So I wore the glasses as little as possible.

I began trying the Bates Method in the hopes of getting rid of my glasses. And it worked. As a result of practicing the method from a book on my own and playing handball (hand-eye coordination), my eye doctor eventually declared that my “vision was normal and that I wouldn’t need my glasses anymore”.  Moreover, I went from being a geeky ugly duckling (at least in my mind) with no friends, to very slowly becoming more confident and social, which in turn led to greater popularity. Life and death for a teen-age girl! By the time I started college, I was a new person. And, my new-found confidence ultimately helped me land a design job with one of the top advertising firms in Germany.

Much later, I decided to formally study the Bates Method and enrolled at the College of Vision Education in London, UK. In early 2010, I became a Certified Bates Method Teacher. During the training, I started to teach in a low-cost vision clinic in London, as well as my own practice and have helped many people since improve their vision.

My teaching lineage connect directly to Dr. Bates: One of my teachers, Margaret Montgomery, who has been teaching the Bates Method since 1985, was taught by Evelyn B. Sage in London, who was trained by Madeleine Fousset, a student of Dr. Bates. My other teacher, Aileen Whiteford, an expert in binocularity and eye dominance, something Bates himself didn’t focus on. With both the Bates teachings and the knowledge I gained in eye fusion and dominance from Aileen, I have the expertise to work with all kinds of eyesight challenges.

In addition to my Bates Method training, I am a Certified Yoga Teacher (Yogaworks) and Yoga Tune Up® and Roll Model Method® teacher. Therefore helping my clients improve their eyesight further through self massage, breath work and if appropriate, yoga and meditation practice.

Benefits of Batesvision

The Bates Method Teacher and yoga trainings and hands-on experience completely changed my life. I love the fact that I can now help others regain or keep their vision. My work as a designer (and a mother) also affords me a unique perspective, which I’ve incorporated into my my vision practice to enhance results for my clients.

You will:

  • Learn techniques optimized for your personality and your specific vision challenge
  • Be able to breathe correctly to support relaxation
  • Get a deeper understanding of color, shape and contrast perception for a more meaningful awareness and appreciation of your vision
  • Experience clarity of central vision and an expanded peripheral vision
  • Release any body tension and eye strain
  • Be able to improve the ergonomic design of your home & work environment
  • Find it easy to learn relaxation techniques in my colorful, light filled practice
  • Learn how to build a personal eye chart, especially important for children
  • Get insight into age-appropriate alternatives to the classic Bates techniques for children
  • Be able to purchase low-cost, specially-designed, hand-made vision improvement tools and Roll Model® Self Massage Therapy Balls